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POETS “Punch Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday” POETS is a term being widely used in western countries stands for “Punch Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday”,POETS is an attitude, a state of mind, and a lifestyle about taking time for a high quality life, having fun and being in control. Do something different on a weekend: meet people you have never met before, try restaurants you have never tried before, relax and refresh your mind, relieve your stress so you can get back your creativity. You can tell your boss that even if you “Punch Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday”, it’ll make you more productive and creative, with a better work-life balance. Now head out for the fun! Work hard, play hard!

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Our Team

Jason Cai


With whole hearted passion in Food and Beverage industry and the pursuit of dream, Jason decided to start up his own business after 10+ years solid management experience in leading F&B brands. The founder of Hong Kong POETS Hospitality Group, Jason’s holding exemplary leadership and business acumen, a true believer of “Work Hard _Play Hard” mentality which proof to be succeeded. In 2013 the new F&B hospitality group was kicked off from POETS, a Thai style Restaurant & Lounge which recently being recognized the best in Nanjing publicly, followed by Brownstone, a Spanish Tapas & Lounge brand in both Shanghai & Nanjing. As success gets evolved, a third brand, MOOSAN Seafood, is established in 2015 which dedicated to the freshest seafood ingredients and fast lifestyle business model. With the continuity of success, more MOOSAN’s are nailed in plan in different cities happening.

Eddie Chan

Managing Director

Hong Kong born Canadian Chinese, Eddie studied and worked abroad, while working in Shanghai was one of the former core lead of a famous western F&B restaurant chain, supported in building the foundation for its fast development, in 2005 with acclaimed succession in leading her team, Eddie was recognized by the Expatriate Professional Women’s Society (EPWS) winning the “Leadership in Business Award”, an honor of Business Woman of the Year Awards (BWA). Eddie possessed more than 20+ years being senior operator and executive under her belt, with the depth of experience specifically in setting up operations start from scratch, as well holding solid strategic planning skill, passion in F&B and training, her hands-on experiences gained from various international restaurant brands and hotel, from Hong Kong to Canada, and from Shanghai to Macau.

Daisy Li

Senior Finance Manager

Holding of 10+ years of finance management experience from prestigious restaurant chains that setting Daisy’s expertise and outstanding performance of optimization group’s cost control, accurate management, as well set forth department’s standard of operations and process control, get ready for the growth of the company.

Misa Mo


General Manager of MOOSAN, and assisted to set up POETS Restaurant & Bar, the iconic venue in Nanjing. Misa has gained her experience for many years through famous F&B organizations in Shanghai, her hardworking and continuous self-improvement, with outstanding service sense, was rapidly being recognized by most customers, now she is leading MOOSAN to a nationwide expanding.

Oli Liu


General Manager of restaurant brands in both Shanghai & Nanjing. With significant contributions to lead and set milestone to the refurbished Brownstone brand in the former French Concession. Oli has gained her experience for many years through famous F&B organizations in Shanghai. He has great customer service and team building skills and earns superb respect from his team.

Dora Hu

Senior Operations Manager - System & Training

Bachelor degree of Business English Major, Certified Enterprise Trainer and Professional Trainer of C&G (City and Guilds of London Institute). With years’ of educator and working experience in leading western F&B brands in Shanghai, expertise on training programs and career development, have also studied abroad for remarkable restaurant operations management model which successfully tailor to the Chinese business environment.

Wendy Wang

Senior Operations Manager

Shanghainese in China, has always been engaged in foreign capital enterprises for Administration Management and Office Operation Management for over 10 years. Having lots of great experience on improving team work efficiency and managing diverse departments. Wendy has joined Hong Kong POETS to set up a foundation on operations specially on purchasing in future of high speed development of the company.


Ops.& MKT Manager

Born and educated in Barcelona Spain, Xavi has joined the group since 2014 after studying in Nanjing University, found himself talented in music as well fond in restaurant management. His university educational background of Nutrition, Dietetics and Chemical Analysis had made himself possessing high awareness of physical fitness and well being as well to remain a balanced lifestyle while at work.


To be the most valuable and impactful group in F&B industry.


Enjoy Food, enjoy life. Came once, come again!

Core Value


With high sense of accountability and do things by heart


With smile and
inspire with care


With respect and united
as a team


With serious efforts and
adhere to our dream


Our members complete thousands of surveys in exchange for rewards and donations to the charities they select from our list of partner charities. We also donate libraries to rural primary schools and orphanages in Asia.


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