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POETS “Punch Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday” POETS is a term being widely used in western countries stands for “Punch Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday”,POETS is an attitude, a state of mind, and a lifestyle about taking time for a high quality life, having fun and being in control. Do something different on a weekend: meet people you have never met before, try restaurants you have never tried before, relax and refresh your mind, relieve your stress so you can get back your creativity. You can tell your boss that even if you “Punch Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday”, it’ll make you more productive and creative, with a better work-life balance. Now head out for the fun! Work hard, play hard!

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Jason Cai

Founder & CEO /Chairman of DISB/Member EO/YPO

Jason Cai was born in a food and beverage family. He was brought up surrounded by all the fascinating aromas from his father’s distillery. His mother owned a popular local restaurant where the young Jason learned how to serve the customers well and care about their needs and great experience. He was intrigued by the cooking in the restaurants and the special smell of yeast in the distillery,and developed a great interest in liquor. On one occasion he went to the distillery and tried the first glass of liquor when his dad was not there. Since then his curiosity about different types of wine, whiskey and liquor has grown and grown continuously. When he was 18, he gained his official international certificate to work as a trained bartender. Then he joined a world class restaurant chain group, and for the next 10 years he learned how to operate each part of the food and beverage business, brand strategy and organization management. To gain inspiration and expand his worldview he has visited over 55 counttries. This experience has enabled him to aim big and build big, with consistent dedication to authentic recipes and an endless search for exciting new opportunities.

 In 2012, after living and traveling in Macao and Europe for many years, and motivated by his passion and dream, Jason Cai decided to create his own business, and build a kingdom for lovers of delicious food and drinks, which is the start of the story of Hong Kong POETS Hospitality Group. POETS is the abbreviation of “Punch off early, tomorrow is Saturday”. Jason is not only the founder and CEO of POETS, but also a sincere learner of Western “Work Hard Play Hard” philosophy, Chinese “Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism” philosophy and Japanese Cleaning and Hygiene Philosophy. Not only does Jason have a great taste for quality food and drink, but he has a proven track record of leadership, innovation and social responsibility.

Linda Cai

Board Member& Managing Director of Japan Branch

Linda Cai grew up under the strong influence of local wine and food culture. Her father ran a distillery and her mother run a restaurant. Influenced by her parents' tastes since childhood, she loves cooking, studying food and tasting dishes very much. Food culture runs in her blood, and she also dreams of devoting herself to a catering career one day.

In 2003, she set out to study in Japan with a vision for the future. After six years’ study, she became fond of the Japanese culture and successfully joined a listed company in Japan, where she established her own family and lived a stable and peaceful life. But she always had the feeling that no matter what industry she is in, it doesn't feel like her real dream. Caterinhg is the true passion for her.

In 2012, she started again to regain her love for food culture, inheriting the dream of her parents' generation, burning passion, creating wine and happy moments for customers, reflecting the value of life. She is currently a director of the Hong Kong POETS Hospitality Group from 2012 and has been working on the Japan branch of the business to bring more dishes and wine to Japan since 2022.

Aitor Olabegoya

Culinary Director

Aitor, which is the product director of BROWNSTONE Tapas & Bar, comes from Barcelona. With his strong passion for Spanish cuisine and dedication as a foodie, he has been leading our team of chefs to develop and create every dish with a commitment to bring BROWNSTONE's customers the most authentic Spanish cuisine including paella, Basque cakes, and Iberian ham amongst others.

Aitor grew up picking wild fungi in the woods with his father and gathering various ingredients from the natural environment. After growing up, he learned cooking skills from the legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adria. He combined traditional and innovative Spanish cooking techniques and brought natural delicious ingredients to diners. He has worked in many of the world's most famous Michelin restaurants, including Chef Adria's restaurant El Bulli and Carme Ruscalleda's restaurant Sant Pau, the first female chef in the world to be awarded seven Michelin stars. He won the "Top Young Chef in Spain" competition and was awarded Beijing Chef of the Year Award by Time Out magazine four years in a row.

Vaquero Camps, Daniel

Executive Chef

Daniel, originally from Barcelona, currently serves as the Executive Chef at BROWNSTONE HOUSE.

His career began at a traditional restaurant in Barcelona, where he gained a deep understanding of Spanish cuisine.

In 2012, he joined a hotel under the Ritz Carlton group, embarking on a journey in modern cooking and accumulating experience and skills in various fields such as cold dishes and high-end banquets. In April 2018, he was invited to be a Spanish cuisine ambassador and went to the Ritz Carlton hotel in Shenzhen, thus beginning his story with China. He also successfully supported the opening of a new Spanish restaurant in the Shanghai Edition Hotel, served as the Head Chef at the White Heron Restaurant in the Sanya Edition Hotel, and served as the Executive Sous Chef at the Shanghai Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Throughout his 18-year career, Daniel has maintained his passion and dedication to cuisine, constantly innovating and creating wonderful dishes that bring infinite surprises to diners' taste buds.

Oli Liu


Oli has nearly 20 years of working experience in international catering brands. He is now the chief prosecutor of POETS, responsible for performance management, public relations management and supplier management of the group's brands such as BROWNSTONE Tapas&Bar,POETS·Thai et al. He is devoted to maintaining the relationship with our partners from Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, Iceland, Denmark, Italy, the United States and other countries. Oli has made outstanding contribution to the rapid development of the group. His excellent team leadership and strong sense of customer service have been highly recognized.

Xavi Vargas

Spain Purchasing Director

Xavi is from Barcelona, Spain, and is responsible for sourcing high quality ingredients throughout Spain and finding the best authentic delicacies to share with POETS customers around the world. He has a strong interest in health science and nutrition. He received a bachelor's degree in nutrition in Spain and later studied further in Nanjing Medical University. He also has 9 years' experience as a full-time personal fitness coach and in-depth research on nutrition, which helps him to purchase excellent ingredients for POETS in Spain.

Misa Mo

General Manager of Gui Bistro

She  worked in international famous catering brands has enabled Misa to have both systematic catering operation and management ability. She was responsible for the operation management of BROWNTONE Tapas & Bar, POETS Thai and Moosan Seafood.She has established a brand management system and led the team to achieve fruitful results. She is also one of the core team members, who has played an important role in the growth of the company from the very beginning, through its rapid growth, to it‘s  current stage of development.Now she becomes a core partner of this business,and is responsible for the development of a new brand called Gui Bistro (Guibajiao) Guangxi Creative Food bistro,leading the business format of typical Chinese Guangxi cuisine

Daniel Li

Beverage Director

Daniel won the overall champion of Sherry Bartending Competition in China in 2015, participated in the competition in Spain on behalf of the company and won the Global Best Creative Award. With great love and assiduous study of the art of bartending, Daniel leads the group's team of professional bartenders to constantly innovate and upgrade. Whether it is the signature Spanish Sangria fruit wine, the special mix of gin and various fruits and flowers, or the special drinks with Thai flavor, each work is full of style and creativity. The bartenders also adhere to the spirit of good service and craftsmanship, and bring joy and wine to every customer.

Daisy Li

Finance Director

Daisy has more than 10 years of financial management experience in well-known catering chain enterprises. She studied in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and obtained the "Senior International Financial Manager Qualification Certificate". She has obtained specialised comprehensive financial and accounting knowledge, as well as advanced company management, analysis, prediction and risk prevention ability. As the Chief Financial Officer of the Group, she is responsible for the overall management of the finance department of BROWNTONE Tapas&Bar, POETS·Thai and other brands of the Group. She is responsible for the financial management system establishment of the group companies and the overall management and maintenance of all functional modules.

Rosy Lei

Human Resource Director

Rosy graduated from Shanghai International Studies University in Education and studied psychology at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. Prior to joining POETS, she gained the working experience in human resource department at a Fortune 500 company and a well known chain restaurant brand. Currently she serves as the HR Director of POETS and is in charge of the internal Personnel Management Center, POETS Hospitality University, and Corporate Culture Center. She is also committed to the selection,retention, learning and development of talents, ensuring that every employee has a clear career development path, obtaining a competitive salary through a fair promotion system and achieving "enterprise development and employee happiness".


TO be NO.1 restaurant & bar chain group in worldwide,create great time for customers.


Build our stage,fulfil our dream. Feel proud of being in F&B industry.

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product is our life!Any products without your satisfaction can be changed on the house.

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Our members complete thousands of surveys in exchange for rewards and donations to the charities they select from our list of partner charities. We also donate libraries to rural primary schools and orphanages in Asia.


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