Punch Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday

POETS · Thai Restaurant and Lounge is a world-class food and beyage brand and positioned as a combination of restaurant and lounge in comfortable environment. We provide high quality Southeast Asian food, classic and popular cocktails and premium spirits at reasonable price, as well as offering excellent service to meet the needs of you and your friends. Every venue has a special garden-style patio to help create a relaxing atmosphere.

Our Story

How to get a hold of your holiday mood while living under a fast paced lifestyle? Here at POETS · Thai will take you to an unforgettable Thai gourmet experience. “POETS” is a widely used concept in the West, is interpreted as “Punch Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday”, it’s also an attitude and concept of lifestyle. At POETS · Thai, your unique dining experience with ecological rainforest decos while serving authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, whether it’s casual dinner with friends and family or after hours drinks, even a rainforest party! Let’s Work Hard, Play Hard!